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Room in Roof Insulation

Room in roof insulation in used to insulate a loft that has been converted into a room, and replaces the standard loft insulation normally seen in an unconverted space.

What is Room in Roof Insulation?

It is estimated that 25% of all heat loss from an uninsulated home is through the roof. This makes insulating the roof space one of the most cost-effective solutions you can take to start saving money on those heating bills.

How does it work?

When a roof space (Loft) is converted into a room, it requires a different type of insulation that will fit into the gaps between the joists and behind the new walls of the room.

Without this insulation, the room in roof will be highly susceptible to temperature changes in both summer and winter as seen in the image to the right. In addition, the rest of the house will suffer from the heat loss in the winter if there is no insulation, increasing your energy bills.

With room in roof insulation the heat is held in in the winter and the and held out in the summer, meaning your room in roof will hold much more stable temperature and be usable all your round.

Installation Process

It is possible to insulate your room in roof yourself, providing it does not have any damp problem, is not a flat roof and is easy to access. However, we don’t recommend you do this as electric cables and ventilation must be treated in a specific way to avoid damage to your property.

We use the highest standard of insulation to ensure maximum efficiency. This cannot be bought from your local DIY store meaning doing it yourself may not always prove the best results.

Usually, completion of the insulation can be done within a day, and the benefits can be felt almost instantly.

Can I Benefit from Loft Insulation?

Most people can benefit from room in roof insulation and with grants and funding from Energy Companies and the Local Council it can be a very cheap way to lower your energy bills.

How to tell if my loft is already insulated?

As with other insulation product you can usually tell if you need insulation if you have high heating bills and struggle to warm the house.

It is always best to have a survey conducted by a qualified professional to establish your insulation needs. If you wanted to check yourself simply going into your room in roof space and see if the insulation wool in between the joists. If you do have boarded down insulation may be underneath this, you may have to lift one of these up to check.

Will it cost me?

New government funding is available for those meeting the criteria, meaning it could cost you nothing.

To be eligible you must be a landlord, own or privately rent your property and be claiming benefits, for those who don’t meet the criteria there are finance options to help spread the cost.

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