External Wall Insulation – FAQs

Does external wall insulation have any downsides?

External wall insulation is not as straightforward as other forms and may need additional organization and work:

  • You may have to apply for planning permission and scaffolding will be needed whilst the external walls are being fitted. Because of the insulation adding onto the external walls of your property any satellite dishes and pipes etc. on the outside of your property will have to be replaced.
  • Windowsills and roofs may possibly have to be extended if you’re fitting external wall insulation if they aren’t already wide enough.

Does external wall insulation cause mold

External wall insulation will not cause mold and should, in fact, help prevent it. By using a qualified installer, they will take measure to ensure the home can breathe correctly, and that previous ventilation isn’t covered.

Does external wall insulation create a fire hazard?

If the correct British Board Agreement (BBA)materials are used, then external wall insulation poses no fire threat.


Can external wall insulation be bad for your health?

No, correctly fitted external wall or solid wall insulation do not contain loose fibers and instead come in solid blocks and are then sealed with impermeable render coats, meaning that there is no way for them to be damaging to health.


Does external insulation make algae more likely?

The right products will never promote algae growth due to the biocides used within the render.

Is external wall insulation ugly?

Although it is a matter of opinion, external wall insulation could often be considered to make a home better looking as it covers up the underlying wall and is then painted, this removes the visibility of any old marks or old looking paint from the previous walls.

Before and after external wall insulation has been installed

How long does external wall insulation last?

when installed correctly most system manufacturers give a minimum warranty of 25 years although you can expect the systems to last much longer providing it is properly encased in a waterproof render coating protecting it from the weather.

Do you have to get planning permission for external wall insulation?

Although in most cases planning permission isn’t needed for domestic properties certain areas or buildings can require planning permission, it is best to check with your council before you begin.

Will external wall insulation improve my home value?

External wall insulation can both make your home look much better as well as increasing the EPC rating which will directly improve the property value.


How long does external wall insulation take

External wall insulation typically takes between 2-3 weeks to fit but will vary depending on size.

Can I still live at home whilst external wall insulation is being installed?

Yes, the fitting of external wall insulation shouldn’t affect your normal living life at home except from there being scaffolding around your house.