Cavity Wall Extraction

Cavity Wall Extraction is the removal of the insulation from cavity space between your wall using specialist equipment. Cavity wall insulation removal is required when the insulation previously used is no longer effective.

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Cavity Wall Extraction

Removing cavity wall insulation allows you to make room for more effective insulation, which in turn can save you money, reduce energy usage, and remove any potential damp.

We have been offering cavity wall extraction services for over 30 years, helping property owners to make essential improvements to their properties. Our team of cavity wall insulation removers have years of experience and can advise you on the best options for your cavity wall extraction. Having helped so many property owners, we have happily answered countless queries about removing cavity wall insulation. We have pulled together our most frequently asked questions to help you understand the cost of cavity wall extraction, our cavity wall insulation removal process, and the energy you can save through removing and updating your cavity wall insulation.

When is Cavity Wall Extraction required?

Cavity wall extraction is needed when it becomes inefficient. It can be caused but the most common reasons are:

  • Old less effective insulation materials which weren’t covered by the same firm KIWA certification licenses and didn’t have the same guarantees.
  • Insulation getting wet due to flooding, bad fitting, faults in brickwork or burst pipes
  • Less weather-resistant materials in areas at risk

The modern materials used all come with a  25-year guarantee to help you remain carefree whilst cutting your energy bills and removing potential damp.

How is the Insulation removed?

The process is relatively straightforward but labour intensive. We use specific machinery that is designed for this purpose and is only used by OSCAR accredited technicians who adhere to the established method statement.

Before the work is carried out, a property technical survey is carried out to identify the issues. This forms the basis of the work that is due to be carried out.

A purpose-built insulation removal system is used to collect all the insulation that occupies the cavity. It works like a vacuum cleaner but on a much larger scale, using air pressure to suck up the insulation into a bag making it a clean and efficient solution.

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How Long Will It Take?

It usually takes up to 2 days to complete with two technicians and a separate labourer to ensure it is done safely You do not need to be out of the house for the extraction to take place. However, the machinery is loud and can be disturbing so may not be very comfortable to remain at home while the technicians are carrying out the works. It may be worth letting your neighbours know of the work as well.

Why might I need Cavity Wall Extraction?

Cavity insulation didn’t use to have the same strict KIWA certifications which it now needs. This meant some businesses used less efficient materials which had a much shorter lifespan. The main causes of inefficient insulation are:


  • Replaced windows can cause the insulation to fall out causing void areas. This will allow damp transfer from the outer skin.
  • Flooding is a major cause needing insulation removed as the water gets into the material and creates damp allowing water to pass from the external wall into the home.
  • Incorrect installation or means the effect on your home is less than what it should be or non-existent. This can happen if the drill holes to insert the insulation where incorrectly spaced and would lead to cold spots.
  • Incorrect materials were used such as urea-formaldehyde. This breaks down to dust-like particles and sits at the bottom of the cavity giving no insulation benefit at all.

How to tell If I need an Extraction

It is often hard to tell if your insulation is causing problems and can sometimes even take years to become obvious. However, there are some things which might give you concerns:

  • Your energy bills seem to be more expensive than they should be
  • Feel like your house isn’t retaining heat
  • Have cold walls or cold areas on walls
  • Damp areas
  • External walls have been damaged
  • Your area has had flooding
  • Be unhappy with the original work

If you have any concerns due to these things you can give a reputable insulation company a call and they will come and investigate. They should create a heat loss survey using thermal cameras which will help determine whether your insulation has been rendered ineffective. The surveyor will also make a small hole in an external wall allowing them to look inside of the cavity using a borescope to be completely sure that the insulation needs removing.

Are there risks to getting Cavity Insulation removed?

The cavity insulation is removed using machinery specifically designed for the job. By using this machine we can ensure there are no dangers in removing insulation from your home. Before we begin work on a property we first do an inspection on both internal and external walls. Because of this careful and detailed plan, there is no risk of getting cavity insulation extracted. It will also result in a cleaner and safer cavity by removing any debris left by builders during the process.

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Benefits of getting Cavity Insulation removed

When cavity wall insulation get wet, damaged or ages it reduces the insulation to your house increasing energy consumption and making for a colder less comfortable house. Having this inspected and removed will reduce the chance of any health problems coming from damp that it can cause.

We would always recommend replacing it with the modern materials used as when done correctly it can: Reduced heat bills, Warmer house, Reduced chance of damp or make removal of damp easier, House value increases.

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