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Heat Insulation Ltd. are your home insulation experts. Our qualified installers offer a range of services including: Cavity Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Extraction, Draught Proofing, Internal Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Room in Roof Insulation.

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Who are Heat?

Heat Insulation Ltd. is a long-established, family-owned, home energy saving company based in Hull and serving East Yorkshire, North and North East Lincolnshire and most other areas of the U.K.

Since our company was founded in 1989 we have worked and continue to work with all local authorities, RSL’s and Private Landlords. We offer Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation ECO funding for those who meet the new criteria. With recent funding changes, finance options are available to help spread costs.

Many homes, new and old, are not insulated fully with lots of energy escaping through the walls, roof, windows, floor and other draughts. There are multiple types of insulation available that vary in benefits and funding available. However, most of the heat energy wasted is through the walls and loft of the house with this accounting for 35% and 25% of all energy waste respectively. Draughts contribute another 15% in energy waste, meaning that 70% of all heat wasted can be reduced through Heat Insulation Ltd.

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Where your home loses heat without insulation

Watch this short video to find out exactly where your home loses energy, and costs you the most in energy bills.

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Everything you need to know

Our extensive list of FAQ’s.

What is Wall Cavity Insulation?

The external wall of a house is constructed of two masonry (brick or block) walls, with a cavity (gap) of at least 50mm between. Metal ties join the two walls together.

How is cavity wall insulation installed?

The cavity wall is injected with insulating material by drilling holes in the external wall, through the mortar joint. Holes are generally of 22-25mm diameter and are ‘made good’ after injection. each hole is injected in turn, starting from the bottom.

How long does it take?

Cavity wall insulation normally takes around two hours to install, but the time does depend on the size of the house and other factors, such as access

Is my house suitable?

Before the installation, the installing firm will undertake an assessment of your property to confirm that it is suitable for insulation. This assessment may be undertaken by a surveyor of the technician before installation.

Do I have to do anything before installation?

The drilling process does create some vibration – so it would be wise to remove ornaments, particularly on external walls, for their safety and your peace of mind. The technician will need access to the walls, so they will need to get inside attached garages, lean-to sheds, conservatories etc. The insulation can only be really effective if all walls are done. If you have a wall right on your boundary, you may like to mention to your neighbour, that the technician will need to go onto their property.

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